Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guest book table decorations

Even though it may seem fairly insignificant, the guest table is an important part of the wedding. It is the first table you want all of your guests to visit after entering the reception venue (after they hit the bar of course). On the table there is usually important seating information, a guest book for people to sign and other favors or things that you might want your guests to pick up or see. So naturally people want to decorate the table a bit. But what to do?? Something fun to attract guests to the table but also something inexpensive because let's face it the guest table is a "get in get out" kind of area no one lingers there or revisits it. (Unless you put the guest table next to the bar, then people will see it many, many times that night.)

Our decoration solution was two wine bottles to go with our centerpiece theme and giant pinwheels!

Originally, I loved the giant pinwheels so much that I wanted to use them for the table centerpieces. But then I was reminded by a friend that giant centerpieces can be annoying to guests who can't chat with the person across the table from them, because a huge object is blocking their view. Not to mention blocking their view of dancing and other wedding happenings. So instead the giant pinwheels will be on the guest table!

Strung between the two wine bottles and pinwheels are a few photos of the happy couple. Also our guest book. I would say that probably most people don't get "excited" about their guest book, it is just a book where all the attendants can sign and wish the couple well. BUT, I am excited about this book.

We decided to go with a non-traditional guest book and get a coffee table book of the Blue Ridge Parkway and guests can sign in the margins. We got the idea from a family wedding in the Outer Banks and they used a coffee table book of North Carolina Beaches for guests to sign. Great idea I thought!

This book will be something that we will not only hold on too for a long time, because it contains great photography of the Blue Ridge mountains (that remind us of our home and the town that we meet and fell in love in) but also it will have all our friends and families names and supporting messages written in the margins. It will truly be a special book to have. So there it is. I'm excited about my guest book!

Also we will have a little hand stamped sign (that matches the invitations) to instruct guests to sign the book. Just in case someone is confused. haha.

Once again, I could not have done all this on my own. I got the over sized pinwheel idea from Kellan Studios. (The internet is an endless supply of amazing do it yourself projects, you just have to find them.) And my wonderful bridesmaids helped me cut out the paper and assemble these pretty pinwheels of happiness!

I bought colorful scrapbook paper from Michael's and the buttons for the center where just somethings that I had around the house. (I always hang on to random things like that, you never know when you might need them!) And with a TON of hot glue we had these beauties assembled.

I think I will string the extra ones on a string and hang them up for the back drop of a "photo booth". Yay!

Hot gluing the back of a pinwheel in place

Cutting the colored paper into strips

Folding the strips to give the texture

Finished pinwheels!


  1. Once again...LOVE it! Can't wait to see all of the personal touches at your wedding! A little unsolicited advice...I would try out a few pens (maybe buy a cheap used book with glossy pages?) to make sure they don't smudge your pretty book, we had a couple issues with that!

  2. That is good advice. I didn't even think about that. I will have to try out the pens before setting them out!

  3. I can stand next to the bar and point everyone towards this area!