Friday, April 8, 2011

Banded together

With the help of the photographer from my office, some lights and reflective backdrops, we held a little wedding band photo shoot today. It was fun to use the micro lens and play around with the reflections and lighting. We ran into some difficulties photographing Dan's ring because it reflected every little thing in the room. So you will see my little fingers and a big black circle which is the lens in some of the photos. But after constructing a few paper "huts" to block out all the reflections, playing with the amount of lighting and some photoshopping expertise, I think we got some pretty cool photos!

I think I love these photos so much because I am absolutely in love with my engagement ring and wedding band. I can never get enough of glancing down at my ring finger during the day and I can't wait to for the extra wedding bling to be accompanying my engagement ring for double the peeking pleasure.

My engagement is unique to me because it was Dan's mothers ring. Not only is it a special family heirloom but it has very special meaning to me to wear it. Plus, Teri (Dan's mother) had great taste because I think this sapphire engagement ring is wicked cool, vintage and just my style. I wish for every woman to love their engagement ring as much as I do. Every girl deserves that!

My wedding band was hard to pick out. It seems the style of rings now is "the bigger the better" and all the main jewelry stores (Kay's, Zales, etc.) had big honking wedding bands and they all looked so silly when paired with my delicate engagement ring. I needed something dainty for my baby 4.25 size finger. I ended up finding my wedding band at Capone's Jewelery downtown Blacksburg. They make custom jewelry but have all sorts of pre-made items to choose from as well. I loved their selection and talking to Faith who owns the store was so helpful. They never ship your jewelry away because they do all their repairs, sizing and appraising in house, which was very comforting to me. (I have heard too many horror stories of lost rings!) And they are a local business that had just the ring I was looking for! Love, love love.

Dan's ring is a simple comfort fit white gold band. We both got white gold but in the photos my ring often looks a little more gold in color then silver (which is what it looks like in everyday light). Dan's ring always looks silver ... which makes me wonder if his is really white gold. Hmmmm...

Anyways, enjoy the artsy photos of the rings!


  1. SO gorgeous, Allison!!! I love, too. They look great. Wonderful photos!

  2. Oh so beautiful Allie! Very nice choice to go with the engagement ring!

  3. I LOVE your wedding band! It's so perfect!