Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Boozulator

A wedding is pretty much the biggest party Dan and I have ever thrown. Although I'm sure there were at least 150 people packed into 301 Janie Lane many occasions. Even though I did not live in that apartment I was responsible for throwing a few parties there, and even though the birthday girl sometimes didn't show up all the kegs did get kicked. But how in the world do I figure out how much booze to get for a wedding?

Dan has advocated getting as many kegs of Coors light as possible. I would like a few more wine options. Some people will drink wine some will drink beer. Should we even get liquor? HOW MUCH?

Then we discovered the boozulator or as evite calls it the drink calculator.

This pretty handy little thing lets you put in how many people you are having, what alcohol you will be serving and what kind of drinkers you are expecting, and then magically it pops out a number. Now I don't know how it came out with this number but it seemed in the ball park that we were thinking so I except that as complete truth. Why would the boozulator lie to me?

So we are going with: 3 kegs and 90 bottles of wine. And why not throw in 4 handles of liquor for good measure. (those will go quick)

It still sounds like a tons of alcohol. I think we have too much beer Dan thinks we have too much wine. But then we remember our good friends Josh (stumbling beer man) and Anna (wine mustache queen) and we probably got it just about right.

Come thirsty! (And don't worry not all the kegs will be Coors Light ... we might spring for something really fancy like Yuengling)


  1. Deciding how much alcohol is the hardest part! We thought we got more than enough and still almost ran out near the end (I think half a bottle of red wine and like 2 beers were left). But then again we didn't use the Boozulator (not sure it existed!) The good news is unopened wine can always be taken home so if you're having doubts get a few more bottles. And remember that there is always the AFTER party!

  2. You know, when we look at our wedding photos, I see bottles of wine and cans of beer that we didn't even buy! I think what you are getting is perfect.